Reto Ágil | Transfer time optimization of supervisors in underground mine


Hello, innovator!

The Hub de Innovación Minera del Perú is looking for solutions (equipment, vehicles, means of transportation) that reduce the transfer time of supervision work in underground mines.

Do you think you have a solution aligned to the search? If your answer is affirmative, we ask you to read the following valuable information:


During the supervision work that takes place in each guard, the superintendence staff loses effective hours of supervision due to the time it takes to walk (they cannot enter trucks throughout the section inside Mina). In that sense, supervisors use a large amount of their supervision time in just transporting, which generates high operating costs and exhaustion of the personnel. Likewise, transfer times are expected to increase, as entering deeper into the mine with greater distances to be walked.

Current situation:

  • The team of five mine supervisors invests ten hours a day in transfers, in addition to this there are nine more collaborators from geology and mine planning who also do this tour, but with other frequencies.
  • The longest route is three kilometers, which takes an hour to cross.
  • The personnel affected are the Superintendency of Mine Supervision personnel: Mine Superintendent, mine managers, watch managers, A/B supervision (Technicians) and geological and mine planning personnel.

Expected situation:

Increase the effectiveness of supervision tasks in the interior mine by reducing at least 50 % of the time used in displacement.

We value proposals that meet the following characteristics:

  1. Applicant’s experience in similar activities
  2. Quick implementation (maximum 9 months)
  3. Local supply and service
  4. Solutions validated under similar conditions

Are you interested? Apply here until November 7!

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